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Welcome to our Get More Local Business Leads Series

Our Focus is on Google My Business

Google Loves Google! 
They will do everything they can to keep you on Google. That way they may collect some ad revenue.

Once you understand this you begin to appreciate the importance of anything Google. Like YouTube and Google My Business to name a few Google properties. 

So Why Does This Matter?
Google accounts for over 90% of all search engine traffic! So in reality get it right with Google and you will get a lot of phone calls and website traffic.

What is the Google My Business Three Pack?
These are the THREE FREE business listings just under the Google Map. These GMB listings will always appear above any website listing! 
These three listing get over 65% of ALL phone calls from any Google Search.

What is the objective of this free course?
Many businesses do not realise that their GMB listing is available to be claimed. Google has created millions of listing automatically and is just waiting for you to claim it!

Our aim is to give you some insights into how online search has changed and help you to claim and optimise your GMB listing to get more phone calls and enquiries.

Want to get your business in the Google My Business Three Pack?
Just watch the videos and download our free Google My Business Guide. Watching the videos and using the Google My Business Guide will put you a head of 90% of your competition.

Who am I and why should you care?

My name is Michael and I run a marketing agency in Auckland helping local business

Thanks to the collaboration with Findus NZ, I am pleased to share information and knowledge gained since 1996 as an online marketer. This has helped myself and my clients sell millions of dollars of products and services online. 

You may be wondering why you should listen to me?

Well I started before Google even existed (as did a number of my colleagues). So we have seen a lot of things come and go, but the thing that has stayed constant over the last two decades  is the power of Google to help drive phone calls and web traffic for local business.  Over the years I have personally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars n marketing my businesses online.  A lot was a waste of time and money  - but learnt plenty!

As a marketing group my colleagues and I have run thousands of campaigns across a wide range of businesses and have invested millions in ad spend.   So we have some idea what works and what doesn't.

One thing my colleagues and I all agree on is that Google My Business is the most under-rated free marketing tool online today.  Not only does your Google My Business (GMB) listing appear above the fold in any search, your GMB listing has the potential to appear on page 1 above all other website listings.  The THREE PACK as it is called drives phone calls and leads.  In fact around 65% of all search traffic will go here and make a call or ask for directions.

Just to let you know that I do not work with many clients.  I am privileged to work with the folks at Findus NZ and thanks to them, be able to share with you some tips and strategies gained over the last 20+ years.  This information is very valuable, I usually charge for it or only share this stuff with the few clients I work with. But thanks to Findus NZ you get free access, as they have covered any costs.

Right now every business owner though-out the globe is having a tough time. This information is one way we can help you get your business prepared for the next phase, when businesses are starting to open again. Now is an ideal time to prepare yourself.

Over this series I will do my best to share with you EVERYTHING I can to help you get more phone calls and traffic from your online marketing efforts. 

The NDA's I have signed and the fact that I do not want to be inundated with calls requesting help, are some of the main reasons I prefer to remain somewhat anonymous. I hope that is OK.  That way I can spill the beans and tell you a few things that some of my colleagues may not want me to share!

Speak again soon.

All the best

PS Be sure to f
ind out what Google wants! Download the report here.
I would appreciate you keeping the information on that confidential

Step by step instructions on how to claim and optimise your Google My Business listing to get more calls and enquiries.  Click here to get your Free Guide 

Scroll down to watch our Google My Business training video series below.


Course Outline

This video course comprises 15 videos and is designed to help you claim and optimise your Google My Business listing.  This video series was produced in 2019. More detailed instructions are included in our Google My Business Guide.

Getting Started

Creating and claiming your GMB account

In this video we show you how to claim and start optimising your GMB listing. You can find more detailed instructions in the Google My Business Guide.

Updates you should know

Google My Business updates you want to know

Google My Business updates every business owner should know.  Be aware that some functionality on GMB is limited right now due to Covid. You can find out more here.

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We will release three more videos and share some more marketing tips and strategies

Next weeks videos ....

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  • How to create effective Google My Business Posts
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